Length / Width / Height
8270 mm / 2350 mm / 3100 mm
4750 mm
Overhang (front, rear)
1050 mm, 2470 mm
Standing height
1970 mm
Gross vehicle weight
7.200 kg (2300/5000)
Luggage compartment
ca. 3,5 m3       

Turbo Intercooler – EDC unijet, 4 cylinder liner with direct injection and intercooler
125 kW (170 PS) / 3500 min-1
2.998 cm3
Max. torque
400 Nm / 1350-3000 min-1
Gear box
ZF 6 S 400 OD (6 + 1 gear / Agile - automatic gear as an option)
Max. speed
100 Km/h (speed limiter)
Fuel consumption
approx. 15 l/100km
Fuel tank
90l original / optional 150l Inox
EG Digital Tachograph

  • Dual hydraulic brake system
  • Disk brakes: front and rear
  • Electromagnetic brake: Telma with manual gear change combination
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS), ABD, EBD
  • Mechanical hand brake on rear wheels
  • rear: air suspension
  • front: torsion bar suspension
  • Stabilizers on the front axle strengthened for extreme high load
  • Stabilizers on the rear axle strengthened
External mirror
Heated and electrically adjustable
Halogen headlights
Halogen fog lights
225/75 R16
Electric system
12 V
180 A
12V / 110 Ah, relay

Body work
  • The skeleton is made of steel pipes and protected with a primer paint and acrylic lacquer
  • Outer paneling of the bus of zinc coated sheet or stainless steel
  • The entire paneling of polyester (central ceiling, front and rear, steps, side and rear luggage compartment)
  • Single-leaf electric passenger door – front, right (double door option)
  • Mechanical emergency exit door - rear, right
Luggage compartments
All luggage compartment doors are made of aluminum sheet, with a lock and rubber gaskets and upward movement.
  • 2 luggage compartments on the right (the first: obligatory equipment, additional heater and spare wheel, the second: luggage space)
  • 3 luggage compartments on the left (the smaller has a power box for the body work, the other two are meant for luggage space)
  • Rear luggage compartment
All windows are bonded
  • Windscreen – safety glass, heated
  • Driver’s window – double glazing, hardened, green
  • Glass in the passenger door – double glazing, heartened, green
  • Emergency door – double glazing, grey
  • Side windows left and right - double glazing, grey
  • Rear glass – single glazing, hardened, grey
  • Sound and heat isolation on the walls and roof
  • Additional sound isolation for engine

Number of seats
  • 29 passenger seats (number of seats depends on the customer's request)
  • 1 co-drivers’ seat
  • 1 driver's seat
  • Driver’s seat: mechanical cushioned with head rest
  • Co-driver's seat: foldable, with safety belt and arm-rest right and left
  • Passenger seat Vogel Eco 010 (440 mm) backwards and sideward’s adjustable, arm-rest on the central corridor, head-rest, storage net and tables according to the customer's request
  • equipment for 100 km/h, safety belts on all seats
Interior linings
  • floor covering: non-slippery, according to the customer's request
  • side walls: needled felt, dark-grey
  • ceiling : velvet, grey
  • Central ceiling: according to the customer's request
  • Ventilation racks: velvet, grey
  • Curtains: according to the customer's request
Interior equipment
  • Safety bar before 1st line of seats, left and right
  • Interior rear-view mirror
  • Sun blinds on the windscreen – electric or mechanical
  • Luggage compartments with air ducts, air jets, reading lamps, loudspeakers and internal illumination with night lights
  • Radio (CD, MP3, DVD) and microphone (at customer’s request)
  • LCD or LED screen (at customer’s request)
  • Podium left and right with central corridor
  • driver's area– original Iveco air condition, front
  • roof hatch – emergency exit
  • air condition Konvekta, with fresh air ventilation flap
  • driver's area– original Iveco
  • passenger's area– additional heating Webasto 2010, 10 kW, with pre-setting timer
  • convector heaters under the seats, left and right
Additional equipment
  • obligatory lights and signal system
  • illumination above the passenger door - front
  • buzzer by the driver for emergency door exit
  • headlights – front
  • direction indicator left and right
  • marker lights - front and rear
  • side lamps
  • illumination of number plates - rear
  • wheel covers
  • mud flaps on wheels - front and rear
Optional equipment
  • Tow hitch with 13-pole plug
  • Ski box with holders and adapter
  • exterior varnishing – single color
  • undercoat and cavity protection